Signed 16 Institute Contracts

Institutional Communication Service

On Friday, the University Council ratified the signing of 16 Institute contracts, marking the conclusion of an important work aimed at structuring research activities. The contracts regulate the scientific guidelines, competencies, organisation, members and means of the different USI Institutes.

"Institutes are created based on an initiative of a group of professors, who share a scientific interest and wish to carry out common academic activities, which they would like to be recognised and supported by the University" - explains the Pro-Rector for Research Patrick Gagliardini, whose role was central in this intense work of reorganisation.

While Faculties are responsible for training activities, Institutes promote and structure research and development (R&D) activities and foster cooperation between different Faculties, ensuring stability in the resource management dedicated to research and promoting third-party activities. The process of drafting the Institutes' contracts, which began in 2017, has reached its peak in recent months to align the contracts with USI's 2021-24 planning.

"We have adopted a coordinated approach" - underlines USI Rector Boas Erez - "by meeting with about ninety professors, to share as broadly as possible the University's development goals."

The cover image diagram represents the new structure of USI Institutes, supported by the Faculties. The size of the circles is proportional to the number of researchers. In addition to the 16 new Institute contracts, we find also the Institute for Economic Research, whose activities are governed by a service agreement with the Department of Finance and Economics of the Canton of Ticino.