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Neuroregeneration laboratory

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Spinal cord injury

The NeuroRegeneration Lab (NRLab) has been established in May 2022 at USI and focuses its research on innovative therapies based on the development of nanostructured, resorbable and tunable biomaterials for multitarget regenerative approach in sub-acute spinal cord injury (SCI). The interdisciplinary nature of our group spans nanofabrication to bioengineering, neurobiology to pharmacology providing a unique opportunity to improve the current therapeutic strategies in SCI. Given that SCI is a complex pathology, in applying an  multidomain and interdisciplinary approach,  the lab  is at the forefront in addressing this serious multifactorial neurological condition. The main scientific aim of the NRLab is to support tissue neuroprotection and plasticity towards  neuroregeneration after SCI. Research attention is given to key players influencing the evolution of the trauma, indeed the NRLab investigates in different paradigms in vitro, in vivo and ex-vivo the patho-physiologic mechanisms underlying SCI, orienting the treatment towards many potential neuropathological targets associated to inflammation and  neurodegeneration, to support tissue preservation and regeneration. Among successfully in vivo developed tools to counteract sub-acute SCI, the NRLab accounts for a library of tunable hydrogels to act as local reservoirs of stem cell protective factors  and a family of nanoparticles for locally controlled drug delivery. Aiming at a long term clinical translation of its results, the NRLab is scaling up its activities to GLP conditions.


Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Perale, head

Dr. Pietro Veglianese, researcher

Valeria Veneruso, Zoe Giorgi, PhD students

Francesca Palermo, Master student

Prof. Dr. Filippo Rossi, visting professor

Dr. Fabio Pizzetti, visiting post-doc

Bianca Fischli, visiting research assistant

Oona Jung, visiting PhD student

The NRLab runs also several local, national and international collaborations, noteworthily with: