Group of Michele Bianda

Head: Michele Bianda

The capability of performing worldwide unique spectropolarimetric observations is one of the main reasons of the success of IRSOL. The instrument permitting these observations is the Zurich IMaging POLarimeter, ZIMPOL, originally developed at Institute of Astronomy at ETH Zurich. The instrument evolved significantly and we are now observing with new version ZIMPOL-3 (see reference paper), which was completed at IRSOL in collaboration with SUPSI. We continue working on developing hardware and software improvements of the ZIMPOL-3 system with the goal of exploiting the full potential of current CCD detector technology. The Gregory Coudé telescope at IRSOL and the high resolution spectrograph, are very well suited for spectropolarimetric observations. A Fabry-Perot filter system is also available.

Observational campaigns with ZIMPOL-3 are also organized at external major solar telescopes (e.g GREGOR), in order to obtain observations with high spatial resolution.