Research Group Moretti

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Head: Moretti Matteo

Researchers: Arrigoni Chiara, Bersini Simone, Petta Dalila, Talò Giuseppe, Possenti Luca, 

PhD students: D’Arrigo Daniele, Colombo Maria Vittoria, Mainardi Valerio, Crippa Martina, Francescato Riccardo

Master students: Cornalba Edoardo, Verrillo Antonietta, Stefy Puthuparambil, Michela Magnoni

The Regenerative Medicine Technologies Lab (RMTLab) focuses its research on the generation of biological replicates of musculoskeletal tissues, to be exploited as advanced in vitro models for the discovery of new patho-physiological mechanisms and drug screening or as grafts for clinical application. The Lab applies a multidisciplinary approach, merging biological methodologies with engineering technologies such as additive manufacturing, microfluidics and computational simulations.